07 May 2007

Caturd-Eh? (or: La Souris Est En Dessous La Table, Le Chat Est Sur La Chaise Et Le Caturday Est... Est... Le Caturday Est Disparu?)

"Crazy cat ladies are many things—single and living in unclean cat-hair apartments littered with kitty litter, etc—but they're not dumb. They're intimidatingly smart. That's why they're single. Well, that and the cats." -Emily from Gawker

The ambivalence I'm feeling about pegging myself as that stupid cat blogger has been at least temporarily overcome by this. Screenshot:

* * *

Today I got the cutest email:

Subject: You've seen this, right?


For reals. How else would I have found this image which we'll probably see every time I talk about Improbable:

* * *

Finally, a picture + story combination from cuteoverload. I think this is to be read with a French (Fransch) accent:

Title: Ello my friennn

Goode marningks.

I get you a frayshe cup of coffee, ahn?

I know how you like eet. [kisses your cheek with mustached face]

I be right back, you stay 'erre.

My Associate, he will breeng you zuh pastries, ahn?

I may feel ambivalence about being quite this gay, but no one can resist a quizzical monkey. (He was a bloody monkey! He was a cheeky monkey. And he knew my French wasn’t very good, so he’d go off and do things.) Sigh.


oona said...

“Mais, la souris est en dessous la table, le chat est sur la chaise et le singe est… est… le singe est disparu. Ah, le singe… maintenant… regarde. Il est sur une bicyclette. Il joue au banjo. Et il fume une pipe. Maintenant, il arrête… Il lit un journal, il a on journal….

Et maintenant il est dans l’autobus! Il conduit l’autobus! Et Sandra Bullock est dans l’autobus! Il y a une bombe dans l’autobus! Il faut conduire l’autobus plus de 50 kilomètres par l’heure. Et Keanu Reeves! Là! Il arrive dans la voiture! Il a pas de cheveux et Jeff Daniels est déjà mort… Regarde, il se jette dans l’autobus. Et Dennis Hopper, oh! Dennis Hopper, quel méchant!”

Alyssa said...

Thank you for the cat link. That is all I did at work today. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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