17 May 2007

Cheap Theatre - Seeking and Supplying

1. No Child... closes in three weeks. Use code NCBST27 here to get $35 tickets, or buy them for $23 on TDF.

2. Journey's End is closing. On Tony Sunday, in fact, where they'll hopefully win for Best Revival of a Play. This is a beautiful, effective production. It's the sort of thing I usually hate, but I was completely taken by it. There are $35 tickets available for the orchestra and front mezz (aka the good seats) with the code JE34BBX (h/t HWL). If you haven't seen it, do, and if you have, maybe go to the closing performance and see Isaac (no, not that Isaac) throw his undies at Hugh Dancy.

3. Now that I've helped you, help me. I really want to see The Receipt in the Brits off Broadway festival. (David Cote is a convincing man. Also convincing: the words "British boys" and "puppets.") Unfortunately, I don't have $25 for theatre right now. I do have $13, which is how much tickets are on TDF, but they're only there for this weekend, when I will be first in New Haven seeing (hearing? are they readings or productions? should I know?) some new plays, and then back in the city but working all day Sunday. I encourage you to check this production out, but I also encourage you to tell me how the heck I can get to see it next week or weekend without paying full price. It's puppetry and British boys. I mean, come on.


Patrick Lee said...

Heads-up: May 26th is up on TDF now.

Jaime said...

Thank you Patrick! Tickets scored. I knew this blog was good for something.