31 May 2007

Cracker Jacks Would Have Been Okay, Too

Last night I joined Kate and Andy for a few innings of Pinstripes in the Park, where 12,000 (by the official count) or 300 (Andy's surly counter-offer) people gathered to watch the Yankees game on YES on a giant screen in Bryant Park. It was a lot like watching the game at home, except sitting on grass, outside, with a view of this:

If there had only been a Dippin' Dots (ice cream of the future!) booth and money in my wallet to spend there, it might have actually been better than seeing a game at the stadium. The commute home was certainly easier. I never complain about having to walk through this to get to the subway:

And then we got home in time to see the Yankees actually win. (Gasp, shock, etc.) This is making my whole unwilling Mets-to-Yankees conversion a whole lot weirder. Observing Yankees fans when their team is flukily doing what mine did for the entirety of my formative baseball fan years is very interesting. I know it's different when they're the highest-paid and most-hyped, but I keep wondering when the transition happens from freakish losing streak to just plain sucks.

Nonetheless, lovely evening. Lovely city.

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Alyssa said...

Thank you! I walked past that as they were setting it up and I couldn't figure out what was going on! It was bugging me.