30 May 2007

First In A (Maybe) Series

Every so often, I clean my room. When I do, I find things. Often on the floor. This is the first in a (maybe) series of readings from these things I've found:

Bobby looks back at her, stunned.




parabasis said...

I don't know why, but I found this post almost limitlessly funny. Please keep posting what you find in your room.

Steven said...

Did you find a guy named Bobby in your room??

Allison said...

Not pithy at all: Did you find my LP cd, by any chance?

Jaime said...

Isaac: Thanks.

Steven: It was a mess, but not *that* bad.

Allison: No, but I can look. (I forgot it was your copy - I thought you'd gotten me my own. Which doesn't bode well - not to mention the fact that I've had it for two years - but I will look.) I do definitely have your Dawkins book though, on top of a very neat pile of other things.