09 May 2007

From The Arbiter Of Taste (Or Whatever)

"Young Jean Lee’s slyly subversive drama ambushes its audience with an earnest and surprisingly moving Christian church service that might be the most unlikely provocation produced in years."

And what makes me know we did our job: "On the way out, a theatergoer, perhaps still waiting for the teasing wink, shook her head and said, 'That really freaked me out!'"

Church closes this Saturday. Info & tickets here.

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Freeman said...

I'm very curious, myself, to see this production. When we produced my last play, it featured a sort of Durang church service, rife with profanity. What most people noted, walking out, was that the most offensive or blasphemous moment was speaking the entire Lord's Prayer on stage without cracking a joke.

It says a great deal that an earnest and forthright Christian can provoke such a strong response in the New York theatre audiences.