21 May 2007

I Don't Even Have A Mango Because They Were Bruised And Overpriced, But I Do Have An Apple

I wasn't even thinking about Monday Catblogging (and my ongoing internal conflictedness about it), but - and I chalk this up to tiredness that's eroding my moral fiber - this made me laugh out loud:

This one was captioned "I'm going back to sleepies," and I'm all, "Yes, cat, me too." Oh, for a nest of shredded paper.

But, of course, I'm actually not going back to sleepies. Because I have an important job. And someone might see me. This IM from Kate (who's done with her job but not starting classes yet) didn't help, either:

kate: i'm pretty sure i got like 10 hours of sleep
kate: haha
kate: ha this is such a good golden girls
kate: ok mango breakfast time!!
kate is away at 10:53:05 AM

Happy Monday.

[I Can Haz Cheezburger?, Cute Overload]

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