03 May 2007

I Don't This This Is An April Fools Prank

From Broadwayworld.com:

According to Adam Pascal's MySpace blog, he and fellow original cast member Anthony Rapp will return to the Broadway production of Rent this summer. They will return to the roles of Roger and Mark, respectively, for six weeks starting from July 30th.

Rapid response IM conversation:

kate: woah
kate: that's news.
jaime: i mean, they're, like, 40, but wow.
jaime: i never saw them do it.
jaime: i think i might cry just with the weirdness of it.
kate: little girls everywhere are jumping up and down and screaming
jaime: not little girls. 25 year old theatre dorks.
kate: true
kate: ha
kate: ok
kate: yeah, you.

This and the Cabaret bullshit in two days is just too much flashing back to high school. I never actually saw Cabaret till I was in college, but the same friends who introduced me to Rent (and Ragtime) were the ones in love with Alan Cumming. The year he won his Tony was the first year I watched the awards, the year I chose to watch that over a Dave Matthews Band "Behind the Music," and knew what was what. Rent and Cabaret are the summer after tenth grade.

I don't care how old Adam Pascal is. I will be there. I actually do care that Roundabout's re-revival is just perpetuating the troubling remounting trend (Les Mis, A Chorus Line), but I probably won't be able to pass that up. The only question is how long not in touch with former close friends is too long to be like, yo, let's go see Alan Cumming do his thing, because it would just be too weird.


Johnny said...

Look, I don't mean to quibble, but there's no way that there was a Dave Matthews Band "Behind the Music" the summer after we were in 10th grade...ie, 1998. That was right after "Before These Crowded Streets" came out; that was the summer of the first 2 stadium shows (I was there when they brought back "#36" at Foxboro; I bet you were there for the "Best of What's Around" opener at Giant's Stadium). I can't imagine VH1 had already gone behind the music at that point. I'm sure I'd remember that - I wrote my 10th grade research paper on the fact that the band's success stemmed largely from their allowing fans to tape their shows, and I would have used it as a resource.

Wait, what was that about dorkiness?

MattJ said...

25 year old theatre dorks. Hilarious. And sadly true.