07 May 2007

I'd Probably Be An Easy Subject For Hypnosis, Too

On and off for the last 48 hours, I've had a song stuck in my head. These are the lyrics:

You looked sexy
Even though you were having a seizure.
It was in the haircare section
Of the Vancouver Wallgreens.
I was the guy in the blue shirt
Holding your legs while that old man
Put his wallet in your mouth.
Let's get together
When you're feeling
A little less woozy.

Also found here. (Isaac, here's some intellectual property muddlement for you.)

Why am I walking around humming an art song with lyrics from a craigslist missed connection? Because Gabe Kahane is a sadist of a songwriter. "You Looked Sexy" segues (I believe) into:

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I masturbated on your Ikea catalog

Gabe's playing Joe's Pub on May 14th. I don't know if the craigslistlieder (as the seven-song cycle is known) will be included. I do know that Gabe plays a set, and then the Dan Tepfer trio does some jazzy improvisational reinterpreting of Gabe's set. It sounds awesome. (Kinda pretentious, too, but that's the kind of awesome Gabe is.) And maybe by then I'll have stopped walking around singing, "you looked sexy..." (It's okay. Before this, Kate had planted "Do You Hear the People Sing" in my head. She had this plan, as James was away this weekend, to spend our days learning all the parts, to perform for him when he returned. Somehow, we never got around to it.)


parabasis said...

Not only that, but his song "Underberg" is almost certainly a reference to Jonathan Lethem's Fortress of Solitude. Lethem's essay in Harper's really helped fuel my own Intellectual Property Madness.

Also, Lethem has a project where he's giving away the rights to stories and song lyrics to be used and adapted. Which is certainly something that Kahane should consider.

Anyway, you're right in that it raises an interesting issue-- an anonymous poster on Craigslist has absolutely no intellectual property rights whatsoever. They're stuff cannot be traced back to its author and it has been voluntarily given for replication with no expectation of further use. We'd live in a really crazy society if you could even copyright that shit...

Kathryn said...

she had a plan? SHE had a plan??? WE, jaime, WE had a plan. and now i feel totally betrayed. what about lies, jaime? what about things that you swore to be true? what about you, jaime. what about you?