01 May 2007

Jonesing for a Messiah Sing Now

Last Friday afternoon I came into some wealth in the form of a free ticket to Coram Boy. Of course, I had no Friday night plans, so I took it. I was excited to be going into it knowing almost nothing. 40-person cast, on-stage choir, a few actors I know, based on a Young Adult book, another National Theatre import - that's actually very little info. I also went in with pretty high expectations - previous National Theatre productions include The Pillow Man and The History Boys. I haven't seen all the NT shows, but those two were, oh, just two of the best things I've ever seen in my life. Coram Boy also has some beautiful artwork, for which I am a sucker, and which I've dug up and put over yonder - it looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? So imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be a beautiful, sweeping adaptation of a perfectly ordinary Young Adult novel. Beautiful design, some great performances (the women playing the young boys were wonderful, and I love Quentin Maré and loved him as Handel), but nothing extra-ordinary. Nothing daring. Alas.

In more exciting news, I saw some large blue-tiled walls being walked into 2nd Stage this morning. Performances start May 30. Which, okay, is a month away, but I'm ready.

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Moxie said...

Ooh Euridyce looks preeetty. Lots of pictures on 2nd Stage's website.