15 May 2007

Liveblogging The Tony Nominations Announcement

The thing about the Tonys is I love them. I approach them like a little kid, idealistic and all awash in the magic. Maybe they're like my tooth fairy - I know they're total bullshit (except with road houses behind it and not my mom) but I still love them for their magic and, um, what they represent? Okay, maybe they're not my tooth fairy. I never really liked or believed in the tooth fairy. But I have a strong sentimental attachment to the Tonys, even though I know all their dirty secrets and they mean so little, concretely, in my life. I don't think I even know anyone who might be nominated this year. I basically just want Spring Awakening to do for me what Avenue Q did a couple of years ago and revitalize my faith in, oh, everything.

I started watching Tonys in 10th grade, and they are meaningful to me as only something you watch alone in your bedroom in high school can be. I still really want to give an acceptance speech someday, but only because I've been practicing it for ten years. And because I like winning things. But the farther I get in my Career, the less likely that seems. As a tenth-grader, I always hated that producers got to accept for Best Musical. Now I'm just hoping to someday be someone's Tony date. Yay feminism. Anyway.

8:27-8:34: NY1 seems to not be broadcasting them. Commence some internet research that tells me that what my eyes are telling me is wrong.
8:35: Oh, they are. Isn't that the guy who does the PBS pledge drives? He reminds me of 50 Jean Valjeans and Crazy for You from Papermill.
8:35: They're doing some season recap. I need to keep getting dressed for work.
8:38: Hey, Stephen Kunken! (In a clip, not nominated. Yet!)
8:41: Spring Awakening clips. Still waiting. Might be late to work for this inanity. Thanks, Roma.
8:43: Here we go! Lead actor - no shocks.
8:43: Yay Julie White.
8:43: Yay Jonathan Groff. Wow, Gavin Lee. James saw it this weekend and said the tapdancing on the proscenium was amazing.
8:43: This makes for crap liveblogging.
8:44: Yay Debra Monk.
8:44: Yay Little Dog Laughed and Radio Golf.
8:44: Mary Poppins? For real?
8:45: Best book... I realize I haven't seen a lot of Broadway this year.
8:45: Legally Blonde - nominated for Book & Lyrics, but not Best Musical. I should care.
8:46: Taye Diggs looks so serious.
8:46: Cruh-dup, not Croo-dup? Good category there, with the featured actors in plays.
8:46: Glad Xanthe Elbrick got a nomination.
8:47: Featured Actor in a Musical... fingers crossed... yay Christian Borle, but that wasn't what I-- oh good! John Gallagher Jr. My Stephen Spinella dreams are dashed.
8:47: Costume design-- James comes out of the shower and I update him on things. He's all, "Mary Poppins???" and I'm all, "Yeah." Spring Awakening gets nominated for recreating the Atlantic's stage.
8:49: I really, hardcore want-- WHAT? Spring Awakening didn't get a lighting nom? Oh, play/musical. Yes. As I was saying, I really, hardcore want Spring Awakening to win for lighting.
8:49: Revival of a musical. Blah blah blah.
8:49: Regional Theatre drumroll please... The Alliance. I think that's good.

Well. That was fun. I mean, not. I've gotta go. The full list is here.


Johnny said...

Spinella dreams crushed for me, as well - I was so hoping. And Christian Anderson. Sigh.

Rocco said...

The early bird truly catches worm today. This is wonderful. Next year, I'm going to liveblog the announcement of who will be annoucing the nominations.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Fun read. I agree about Spring Awakening in the lighting category, but I think it makes up for it being among the best scenic design nominees.

riese said...

That was good liveblogging because I didn't even like, know about it, so it worked for me. I liked Spring Awakening too and Little Dog Laughed. I can't believe Legally Blonde was nominated for anything besides "Clearest sign of the Apocalypse."

anna said...

aw, jaime, this is just making me sad all over again that i didn't get to see "the coast of utopia." *stoppard* play with pretty people like hawke and crudup? i'm also disappointed all over about "spring awakening," given your fervor for it.