14 May 2007

Monday Catblogging: Apathetic, Overwhelmed, Or Just Totally Sold-Out? (Boys Who Play Music Edition)

"Crazy cat ladies are many things—single and living in unclean cat-hair apartments littered with kitty litter, etc—but they're not dumb. They're intimidatingly smart. That's why they're single. Well, that and the cats." -Emily from Gawker

My boss is out this week, my theatre company has no money,* and I just ate a little too much peanut butter. Come see Gabe's show tonight at Joe's Pub. (It's at 9:30, so you have plenty of time to go to a reading first. In case that's the sort of thing your Monday nights become.) It's going to be awesome - $12 well spent. Unless you want to donate those dollars to TempCo maybe? Let's talk.

But with all that stress and worry cluttering my mind, what are you really expecting with this Caturday thing? I mean, there's this:

which might be a cute boy, who might be a hipster, or maybe some sort of musician, with that tie and the houndstooth, with some mice, I guess? And they're eating crackers? But mice aren't that cute, and definitely aren't cats. Wait! I know. This is Clara:

And this is Gabe:

Just by holding her he makes Clara look twice as small as she does on her own. Imagine what wonderful music he makes.

So there's your Monday Catblogging and Gabe Kahane excitement-fanning** all in one. I am a one-woman street team. Done.

*If you happen to be our show's director and you're reading this, don't worry. We've totally got it covered. And I promise I'm updating the website to include your name very, very soon.

**As in fanning the flames, not the act of being a fan. Though, I guess that, too.

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