09 May 2007

OMG Is It Time For My Primary Now? (They're All Happening Really Early Or Something, Right?)

(via Wonkette, and seriously, go read their take on it, as it will surely be funnier than mine.)

This might be the best thing ever. I wish the other guy didn't mumble so much, but whatever, man, this is the Absolute Best Campaign Ad I Have Ever Seen. (Also maybe the only good one ever.) As a Wonkette commenter said, "I'm glad to see campaign commercials that don't have soft focus shots of the candidate gazing at flags, hugging children, standing firm in the face of terra-ists, posing with their picture perfect family values nooocular family, or saying how they're gonna put a boot up some commie/islamoterrorist/etc's backside." It's engaging, it's entertaining, and, holy crap, it tells me things that I, as a voter, would like to know. I haven't been this excited about a candidate since Tom Vilsack was on "The Daily Show." (Seriously, he was charm and a half.) They're testing this spot out on the internets, and they want to know what you think. Once you tell them, they'll ask you for money so they can put the ads on the teevee, which for some reason made me remember the Daily Show's Vilsack duck. I liked that, too.

See, this is why I don't blog about politics. I was really excited to vote for this.

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Greg said...

That's pretty good--I like Richardson… I just like Edwards/Obama (in that order, on that ticket) more.

My favorite funny political ad is this one:


"Meet Ned Lamont. He can't make a decent cup of coffee."