21 May 2007

Thank You, Carlotta

I went up to Yale Friday afternoon to see some new plays by graduating playwrights, and Bruce Norris' The Unmentionables at The Rep, as the cool kids call it. I also passed myself off as a member of the Playwrights Horizons literary office, attaching myself to that (lovely) entourage, who were kind enough to adopt me for the weekend. I bought a $3 used copy of Joe Papp and Elizabeth Kirkland's book Shakespeare Alive!, which I'm reading now - a pocket-sized paperback (that just asks to be dog-eared, against my usual book etiquette) full of the daily life of Elizabethans, and, so far, a fun and informative read. The Unmentionables is The Pain and the Itch meets Living Room in Africa - for the first ten minutes I thought it was actually ripping off plot points from the latter, until I remembered that I'd read The Unmentionables several months ago. Bruce Norris is a sharp and good writer, if a little facile sometimes - The Unmentionables doesn't really do anything that The Pain and the Itch didn't do, and, sidebar, I take serious issue with the fact that in laying on his characters' hypocrisies, he portrays Fibromyalgia as a psychosomatic made-up hysterical disease - he didn't need to add to the syndrome's stigma to make his point. But Yale was lovely, and Tarell McCraney's Marcus; Or the Secret of Sweet completely knocked me out. (Literally - I slept the whole train ride home! Ha!) Calling someone an Important New Voice makes me kinda want to stab myself in the eye, but, yeah.

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riese said...

Yeah every time I tell someone I have fibro they're like "doesn't everyone get diagnosed with that? Isn't it like, not real?"