24 May 2007

What I Get For Skimming Headlines

Blah blah Addams Family musical blah blah Lippa blah blah Brickman but WAIT! Who's directing and designing? Who's apparently not famous enough to get their names into the headlines, but are two of my favorite theatre-makers in the world?

Why who else but Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott of Improbable. The 2009-2010 season is suddenly looking much more exciting. If there can be an Improbable-helmed production at least once a year in New York City, I might be okay.

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Aaron Riccio said...

You beat me to talking about the Addams Family musical, but I'm just as willing to give it a chance: (http://metadrama.blogspot.com/2007/05/well-why-not.html).

Enough glum foreboding of the future (with regards to Spider-Man, &c.): let's celebrate the possibility of making some good theater.