08 June 2007

Anyone Need To Look Up "Dooced" On Urbandictionary.com?

Now that all of my bosses read my blog ("You don't curse that much in real life!") I'm tempted to write lots of crazy shit about all the inappropriate people I made out with at our office's party last night. But why bother, when the pictures will surely be up on Broadway.com by lunchtime. So I'll just say that I'm very sad to have to eschew my usual morning-after-the-party shoes - 2-year-old gym sneakers that still have a few splatters of Living Room in Africa green paint which are the most comfortable shoes I own and the only things that can properly heal my post-party-shoes feet - because, for some reason, I feel like torn-up Payless Chucks imitations are more work-appropriate. And if I'm already wearing a t-shirt (black! well-fitted!) and shorts (tailored! friday! ninety degrees!) I ought to at least make some effort.

What was that about me wondering why I got an invite to the lesbian bloggers party?


Adam said...

ha! really?

Jaime said...

Assuming you're asking about the lesbian bloggers and not questioning my making-out-at-parties prowess - yes. And I'm totally going.