06 June 2007

Bleed For Your Art

(We just tested the cat on the Glasgow Coma Scale. He's okay. And fat. And hates me now. Because I pushed him off the couch. They do not always land on their feet. Oops.)

The lovely Caroline Aquino at Playwrights' Horizons is organizing the 4th Annual Off-Broadway Blood Drive, and whether you have any affiliation with off-Broadway or not, you should come by and bleed. The info:

4th Annual Off-Broadway Blood Drive
Playwrights Horizons
416 West 42nd Street
Monday, June 11, 2007

Close to 2,000 men, women, and children, including cancer, transplant and surgery patients, trauma victims, newborn babies, and many more in our community need blood every day. There is simply no substitute for voluntarily donated blood. Without volunteer donors, our community would not have an adequate community blood supply.

Before you trek over to 9th ave, you should know the most common reasons for deferral:
  • Low iron. (Eat iron-rich foods as you get closer to the blood drive.)
  • Recent surgery
  • Recent tattoo/piercing
  • Travel/residence in certain countries. (The list of travel sites that require deferral changes frequently. Check with the NY Blood Center for the most current list.)
  • Being a man and ever having had sex with another men (after, like, 1984)*
The donation times are every 15 minutes from 12:30-5:45pm. To sign up for a time, call Caroline Aquino at 212-564-1235 x3136 or reach her at caquino@playwrightshorizons.org. You can drop in without an appointment, but that'll just mean sitting around waiting for a bit (i.e. time to get nervous about the needle).

Whether or not you can donate, please pass this on. As long as I'm allowed to miss a bit of work for something that'll make me woozy, I'll be there at some point. I pretty much have to, now that I'm blogging about it, which is making me feel all nervousy. Not that donating blood is unpleasant or anything to fear. I'm just a pussy. But on the plus side, "yummy baked goods and sweets" are being promised - food eaten to raise your blood sugar totally doesn't count for calories.

*In accordance with FDA regulations, blood centers defer all men who have sex with men. [This is a load of bullshit.] Many blood centers, including the New York Blood Center, have periodically questioned the FDA concerning these guidelines, including whether or not there is sufficient scientific evidence to support them. As recently as this past March, at an FDA conference regarding this issue, the New York Blood Center expressed opposition to the current deferral criteria. If you are opposed to the deferral criteria – whether you plan to donate blood or not – you can write to the FDA and/or voice your concern to your state senator and representative. We will have letters to the FDA at the blood drive so that anyone that comes to donate can sign a letter. But please, for those who are eligible, please do not let your outrage over this rule keep you from donating; blood is sorely needed.

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