11 June 2007

Catblogging the Tonys

So how's that American Theatre holding up?

[non-Tonys content below]

*Yawn* I don't know about you, but I was up crazy late waiting for the train home from Astoria partying till all hours after the Tony Awards. Wow. What an awesome, thrilling night. Apologies to all who were looking for some Tonys Liveblogging over here - I made an uncharacteristic decision to be social and traded my soundproofed Tonys Bunker for a bunch of loud people and some salt & vinegar chips and hummus. But here's a little re-creation of what might have been:

7:15-7:23: Fuck shit hell I can't get the webcast of the design awards to work!!!!
7:23: I got the webcast of the design awards to work.
7:38: It's too loud to hear the webcast of the design awards. Whatever. Duncan Sheik and Kevin Adams already won.
[whenever Curtains performed]: I still want to see this show, but this is embarrassing for Broadway.
[first time I heard Jennifer Ehle talk]: Huh. I totally thought she was British.
10:17: I can't tell if someone here just called Michael Mayer's speech gay-coded or gay-coated.
10:43 or so: My former boss is Deb Monk's date!! Ah! He's on tv! Oh my god! (Everyone in the room shushes me.)

A few thoughts:
*Moxie got it right - Kevin Adams was the most deserving winner of the whole night. The lighting for Spring Awakening makes me drool.
*Okay, maybe Julie White was the most deserving winner. It's sad that Avenue Q already beat out Wicked for Best Musical, because that means I'll never get to see that happen again. But still - Julie White!! So thrilled for her. Probably the most exciting moment of the evening for me, aside from seeing my former boss and someone I sorta know on tv. Goddamn she deserved that tchotchke.
*Funny how they let Spring Awakening say "bitch" seventeen times but made them rewrite lyrics that are an incredibly subtle poetic allusion to masturbation that took me several listens to the CD to catch. (I DVR'd the awards and will update with a transcription of the safe-for-the-Tonys lyrics tonight.)
*I could look at Duncan Sheik smiling for just about ever.
*Favorite acceptances: John Gallagher, Jr.; Julie White; David Hyde Pierce. Bonus fave: Michael Mayer's face during John Gallagher's speech.
*I wish the Tonys didn't make Broadway seem so damned desperate. I get that it's not working off a national experience, not like the Grammys or Oscars when everyone already knows the things winning awards, so there needs to be some selling some convincing. But dragging A-Rod in front of the camera to mutter something about how there's a little bit of Broadway in him, and all the presenters basically begging the audience to go see a Broadway show really start to feel sad after a while. Or after five minutes.
*I just drank a lot of tea really quickly, and I feel a little queasy.
*Oh good, I have a ginger candy in my bag. These things really are magic.

In other news, Knocked Up really is as good as everyone says it is. It does not skip over the abortion question, as Slate says it does. It's really, really funny and sweet and smart, and I really loved it. Maybe because if you just add a pair of glasses and subtract a dependence on marijuana, it's everything I'd want in a guy. I laughed a lot, thought about getting married, and cried a little at the end - I basically went on a date with this movie. And then James and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond like a married couple. Aww.

Today's catblogging goes out to Seth Rogan, John Gallagher, Jr. and Duncan Sheik. I leave it up to you to deduce which picture reminds me of which guy and what I would maybe like to do to him. (Except for the eating the foot thing. That's just dedication in-spirit. And I'm not, like, sucking anyone's blood.)


Those are probably a lot more obvious that I intended them to be. Also totally serendipitous that the three cute pictures I happened to have matched so nicely to the three cute gents.

Happy Monday.

[Pictures with words from I Can Has Cheezburger. Cute things without words, Cute Overload. Obvs.]


parabasis said...


do you think Avenue Q deserved to win over Caroline or Change? Because COC was (and in my opinion still is) the best musical I've seen or heard in like a decade and, while Ave. Q was fun and well crafted, it doesn't really approach anything like Caroline or Change's formal and musical brilliance.

Jaime said...

Good catch. I definitely think Caroline or Change was the best musical of the four nominees, and one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. (In case anyone's forgotten, as I had, The Boy from Oz was the fourth in the category.) So, yes, I guess I think Caroline should have won. I never for a second thought it would. Avenue Q, though, definitely has its own sort of brilliance, and I love the show and think it was a worthy winner. Wicked losing was a big part of the celebration - to see the spunky, foul-mouthed underdog best the sloppy, spangly behemoth was like a celebration of everything that's good and just in the world.

parabasis said...

Not to mention Ave. Q sticking it to the roadhouses immediately afterwards... serious hoisted on their own petard action.

God, Caroline or Change is amazing... saw it at The Public last week of previews... wept throughout pretty much the whole thing.

Moxie said...

I don't think they're obvious! I'll take a guess though... footeater is Johnny, i shall leeeck you is for Seth Rogen and the cute lil baby, and vampire cat is the Sheik? God, I don't know.

P.S. A-Rod was an unwelcome addition to the Tonys. David Wright or Jose Reyes would have been much more convincing.

Jaime said...

Moxie - 1 correct.

This feels very 'The Price is Right.'