13 June 2007

I Am A Happy Girl

Everyone (except people who were waiting for Signature to actually announce it) already knows that this season they're doing Chuck Mee, and I'm already pleased about that, but they've just given me two reasons to ratchet that up from 'pleased' to 'killer psyched,' though tempering 'killer psyched' to ' very excited' because it also features 'waiting for three years':

2009-2010: Suzan-Lori Parks
2010-2011: Tony Kushner

How fucking awesome is that? If they hadn't already done their Paula Vogel season, that would make an unspeakably brilliant trifecta of playwrights I love. The only thing that could make this better would be, like, "2012: Tracy Letts" and, like, "2013: Jordan Harrison."

Speaking of - I'm not going till closing night so I'm just gonna tell you now how great it is and how you should go see Jordan's Amazons and their Men at Clubbed Thumb. It only plays through Saturday, as part of Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks series. I saw a reading of this play a few months ago, and it's kick-ass. Jordan might be the best for-some-reason-not-yet-famous playwright around, and is almost certainly my favorite. He's really incredible, with language and storytelling and imagination that you don't see anywhere else, which everyone will know when Doris to Darlene kicks the shit out of Playwrights Horizons this winter. See Amazons and be way ahead of the crowd.

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