20 June 2007

Lesbianism Rescheduled

From: Jaime
To: Riese
Subj: FW: GLBT Blogger Meet-up Details

You got me into this. You better be going.

From: Riese
To: Jaime

Oh I'm going! Really. Going. Def. Going. Oh wait. FUCK! I am going to be on the cruise that day. Maybe she'll reschedule for me. I'll go to the next one, promise!

From: Jaime
To: Riese

You suck.

The title of this story: Riese Tried To Trick Me Into Turning Gay.

From: Riese
To: Jaime

Oooo that sounds like a good story!

But Riese has failed, or at least will have to be there and do it herself rather than leaving it to Curly et al (which she can't because she has a girlfriend and it's a fruitless quest anyway), because the gathering (which you all, gay and straight, blogger and not, should attend) has been rescheduled. Updated imagery for your enjoyment:

In case you're a socially awkward nervous person like me, I'll have some brilliant ideas when we get closer to the thing about finding a group of people you've never met in a bar. Stresses me the fuck out.


Tina-cious.com said...

Welp, I figured I'd check out who else would be attending this shindig... sooooo HI!

Time to read a back blog or two.. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as as to why a lesbian gathering would choose to serve weenies.

I mean, really.

riese said...

OMG I am gonna be sooooooo tan because I will've just gotten off the cruise. Also, that hot dog looks really good, as in, I'd like to EAT it right now because I have no food in my house. mmmm. Hot dogs. mmmm.

Here's how the story goes:

Jamie: Um, why're we all the way out her in Buttfuck Brooklyn? Does anyone live out here?

Me: Jamie, you went to Brown. You're a liberal gal. How do you feel about women going down on other women?

Jamie: Um ...

Me: Just -- look at all these bloggers, Jamie. Don't you want them to -- you know -- wink wink -- hyperlink you?! you can sleep your way to the top of the lesbo-ladder, you know, if you want to.

Jamie: Riese, seriously, I mean--

Me: You'll come around.

Jamie: OOO! Hot dogs!