01 June 2007

Required Reading

this girl called automatic win has long been one of my favorite blogs, but Riese has totes outdone herself today with the conclusion of a two-part top fifteen list, "Clubs Which I Do Care To Belong To." All good bloggers are good writers, but Riese is a writer, or a Writer, whichever you prefer - the only blog I ever found through Gawker and fell in love with for the language - and she is in top form today. Part one starts with a discussion of The Babysitters Club (formative reading, anyone?) and by the end of part two it's a beautiful declaration of identity and definitions and lack thereof. She's also recently changed from a black background to pretty soft yellow, so reading her lovely words doesn't burn your eyes. Bonus.

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riese said...


Thanks, Jaime. Your lovely words are not burning my eyes either.

I think I've got a lesbo word verification: "mujpf"? You know what I mean?