16 June 2007

Saturday Morning Video

Courtesy of Neil Gaiman and his blog, this little promo video for The Wolves in the Walls, a collaboration between two of my favorite British entities: Neil Gaiman and Improbable. Tickets go on sale in August for the October show. Because I'm curious how ridiculous I am, and because I know Improbable factors in at least twice, here's all the seemingly very-far-into-the-future theatre I'm looking forward to, and have been looking forward to since before it was reasonable:

October 2007 - The Wolves in the Walls at the New Vic (Nat'l Theatre of Scotland & Improbable, adapted from the Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean picture book)
April 2008: Satyagraha at the Met (directed by Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch of Improbable)
2009-2010: Suzan-Lori Parks season at Signature
2009 or 2010: Addams Family musical on Broadway (score by Andrew Lippa, directed by McDermott and Crouch, again)
2010-2011: Tony Kushner Signature season
2012: I am old

They're not all so far in the future, but considering that I started looking forward to Wolves in the Walls so long ago that I forgot I'd even known it was happening... anyway. Here's the video:

I didn't realize it was so dancey. I like that. I also feel like I might need to borrow some eight-year-olds to come with me. Still, it looks hot. In that puppet-theater-for-eight-year-olds way, of course.

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anna said...

just don't invite 8 year old me, cause i'd be terrified for the next year.