04 June 2007

Surplus Underwater Catblogging

[updated, below]

Item one, baby stingray:

Item two, James Urbaniak is on my radio right now as an amoeba in an Aflack commercial.

Item three, not underwater, not a kitten, but cute:

Item four, with text from Cute Overload:

So, what did you do on Saturday night?


I just sat on dee cowsche.

On a blankie.

On dee cowsche on a blankie.

Dat was pretty moishe eet.

Have a good Monday. I'm off to do a voice & speech workshop with Kevin Spacey. I have a monologue and sweatpants. Oh, 24 Hour Plays, you make me do the craziest things.

[Update: I didn't get to do my monologue. But as it opens, "Why should I love this gentleman? Tis odds he will never affect me" I have a feeling it'll get some use.]

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