14 June 2007

Um, Close, But No

kate: wanna hear something cool?
jaime: yes!
kate: i think i'm wearing [redacted famous deceased writer]’s sweater right now
jaime: is that because you just had sex with his grandson?


Anonymous said...

i clicked on the "ims" tag, and was happily surprised to see that they're all slightly bizarre conversations between you and me, in which i come across looking especially weird. i am reminded as to why we are friends.

riese said...

My first instinct when I read that was "Omg, it's cold enough outside to wear sweaters?" Then I thought I could figure out who the writer is, and then I realized i have no clues, and therefore my investigation was promptly thwarted.

Rocco said...

If its Arthur Miller...then I know the exact sweater you speak of.