23 July 2007

And James Said, "Attack! Bring Out The Teahen. Bok Bok Bok."

So here I am, finishing a bottle of champagne with the roomies so the bottle can be used for a prop for 365, and I see some baboons on James' computer screen, and I go, "Oh my god! I have to catblog!" And then they disowned me.

As soon as the Yankee game is over we can put in Alias and play the Alias drinking game, so I'll be brief.

Roommate Commentated Catblogging

Jaime: I Can Has Cheezburger? and Cute Overload have been very good this week.
James: As opposed to...?
Jaime: Last week?

James: Aw.
Kate: Aw.
James: That cat has crazy eyes. I need to see the attack bunny.
Kate: The what?

James: Attack!
Kate: Hahahahaha.

Jaime: We have to keep up the comentating.
Kate: You're not showing us anything.
Jaime: I'm working on it. This is confusing. What about this one?

(James starts to say something.)
Jaime: (Getting computer into typing position.) Hold on hold on hold on. Okay James, go.
Kate: What?
James: It's not very funny. I like that the kitten looks like the devil--
Jaime: Hold on, I type very slowly.
James: But I think there's a lack of creeeaaaaatiiiiviiiity given the fertiiiiiliiiiityyyyy of the kiiittttennnn in the box.
Jaime: I like this next one a lot, actually.
Kate: You can't set us up like that.

Kate: Aww. I saw that one. (pause) I don't want to do this.
Jaime: Okay, but I'm blogging that.
James: Although, I have to say about that--
Jaime: Wait, should I be blogging this?
James: I don't know. You can decide. I'm confused about the consistency of the, like, speech impediment language.
Kate: This [the liveblogging catblogging] is godawful. Throw that in there. Nobody wins.
James: No, this is fair.
Kate: Don't put that in there. Isaac is gonna think I'm mean.
[Mark Teahen comes up to bat on the tv. James mocks Mark Teahen's name. "He looks like a teahen. Are you blogging all of this? Good. Teeeeaaaheeeeennnnn. Bok bok bok bok bok."]
James: Okay, a word like "the," aren't there like eighteen different versions of "the" in the ICHCB language? Cause that one uses "teh" - haven't I seen others that use other-- Meg just started licking his back.
[The cats - the real ones - have been hunting a bug, but Meg stopped hunting to lick Phineus.]
Kate: (To Phineus, who's still hunting.) Didja get him, fatty? Didja get him?
James: Are you still typing? I was waiting to finish my thought. Teeeeaaaaheeennn just got a hit. I need some empirical--
Jaime: Okay, we'll do some research.
[Except not, because I really don't care.]
Kate: Who's on first?
Jaime: Teahen!
Kate: Teeheehee.
Jaime: I think we're gonna end it here.
Kate: I think that's for the best.
James: I can't believe you're not gonna let me finish my dissertation on the language of I Can Has Cheezburger.
Kate: Have you seen how fat Val Kilmer has gotten? Have you seen this? I'm gonna show you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,

Trash limes.


CrimeNotes said...

I can't believe you want to live alone.

Jaime said...

Kate- Yes, thanks, they were delish.

CN- 1, too late! 2, blame James. And 3, we'll be fine. They are kinda the best, though, aren't they? I didn't even get to the water fight and the trash limes. It's not pie, but it was close.

CrimeNotes said...

I'm sure you'll be fine, yes. This was a cute post.

anna said...

hah, now i miss james too. hug him for me?