17 July 2007

Current Obsessions

Starbucks Blueberry White Iced Tea - Some places make this killer strong, in which case you either need a little syrup or to let the ice melt, but when it's right it's not only delicious but also a lovely color somewhere between tea and purple. Since it's white (as in baby leaves) tea, it's got just enough caffeine for me to feel it, but not enough that it gets me sick. (People who do crazy things like drink coffee probably won't feel it at all.) I actually love this with a bit of (soy) milk mixed in. (Order a tall in a grande cup - leaves room for milk.) The barrista today was all, "I don't think you can put milk in that iced tea" and I was all "I've done it before," while in my head thinking of all I've learned from Consumerist. It leaves me longing for the Tealuxe of my college years even more for reminding me of it but barely coming close. Seriously, all this city lacks is Tealuxe and an Oi Bagel.

The Decemberists in Central Park - CrimeNotes has a great (if woefully underenthused) write-up of last night's concert here. And he's right - everyone there (who wasn't us or our respective friends) was fifteen. But they were either me at fifteen, or what I wanted to be at fifteen, so it wasn't as awful as that sort of feeling old can be. (CrimeNotes: "the coolest people in their A.P. Lit class." I should have been so lucky.) I won't lie - I was up in the front dancing and singing and screaming along with the kiddies. I love The Decemberists a whole lot - Colin Meloy is one of the most generous performers around, and I won't lie, I think his fancy, big-word lyrics are killer. I am a dork, and I know this. But as far as dork conventions go, you could do much worse than this concert. More from CrimeNotes, whose N I've decided should be capitalized: "...nice, cheerful, smiling, arty dorks, the kind that comb their hair, groom well and recycle. (A guy near me was reading James Baldwin between sets.) Not zitty, sloppy, shut-in dorks. As far as dorks, this is good company."

This paragraph from [redacted]'s post "Italy > New York":

5. GEOGRAPHY. If there’s one thing America doesn’t do enough of it’s build cities on mountains. It got to the point where you would stand there a thousand feet up staring out over vineyards and rolling hills and be like, “Oh, another scenic overlook.” You don’t realize how much you take it for granted until you come home to your “balcony” that overlooks “the back of other buildings” and at night when you sit out there drinking scotch and looking up at “the star” you think, “I wonder if ‘Wife Swap’ is on tonight.”

(The name of the blog is "[redacted]" - I didn't redact the blog name. That'd be stupid. This is like [title of show] all over again, except completely different.)

Vegan Turducken - I don't really know what else I can say.

May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food, which I found via the SuperVegan post - a "mecca of Asian-style mock exotic animal parts." Field trip! Sure they've got your usual Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets and Vegetarian Stewed Ham, but what about Vegetarian Codfish Ball, or the ever mysterious Vegetarian String Meat Ball? I cannot wait.

Wheatus - I'm I-don't-know-how-many-years late on this, but I've been relistening to the mixes James has made me over the years, and "Lemonade" suddenly emerged as the best song ever written in the history of the world. I don't know what it says about my state lately that there have been days when all I can listen to is the Lemonade EP plus "Teenage Dirtbag" on repeat. (Before that it was Duncan Sheik. Interesting summer.)

I'm also looking forward to this:

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
or: that shark floating in formaldehyde thing

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