16 July 2007

O. M. G.

Wow. More later. Or not. Because "wow" and "OMG" pretty much say it all. And "I'm really really really psyched."


Alyssa said...

We aim to please you, Jaime. That is all. :)

riese said...


Did you see our hot photo from the Weiner Roast? Also, where did you go? I am really bad at social events. I went out there and then I was like, scared. I usually end up following my friends around so that I look like I have somewhere to be. Haviland told me to distribute business cards and made Carly and I make business cards and then we were like, let's go inside where I won't sweat buckets. Hmmmm.... it was good to meet you! FINALLY. ETC.

Jaime said...

Alyssa - Briel tells me you guys are just gonna start linking to my blog on all marketing materials. I'm really going to get myself in trouble one of these days - I feel like a traitor a bit - but, as Riese said, DONNAAAAAAA!!! Right?

Riese - I did not see our hot photo! Where is it? I left around 7:30 - I didn't see you around the roof deck or the upstairs room. It was a little scary up there, but aside from the sweatiness, fun! In the making small-talk with strangers way. But that's... fun? I'm glad I went (got to meet you, obvs), though I did smell very strongly of charcoal smoke when I got home. And the next day. Maybe still a little bit now.