14 July 2007

Say Goodbye To Brooklyn, Jaime, Because You Will Soon Be Living So Fucking Far Away

Last night after Ratatouille (sadly eh), John and I took a drive up to Inwood. (Yeah, John has a car. I know. It also has all these deadhead bumper stickers on it from when he was in high school. I love it.) After circling through Ft. Tryon Park seven times, we drove past my potential future home and found the neighborhood Duane Reade. I think I might be living there. But now my application will probably crash and burn and come August I'll be living in a Fresh Direct box in Astoria Park. This is the best month of my life ever.

In other news, tomorrow is the day I know you've all been waiting for forever - the Weenie Roast!

As Curly said, Gay boys, breeders and non-bloggers welcome! Which is a good thing, for probably most of you, and me. But I'm very excited to meet the bloggers (Ham & Cheese on Wry, The Ninth Circle of Helen, Joe.My.God., Tina-cious, House of Jero, Post No Bills: New York Adventures in Banality, NY Radical, Zeebahtronic, Babs' Travels, This Girl Called Automatic Win, Meanwhile, The Misadventures of an Adult Onset Athlete, Hyperdonut, Royspeaking, Confessions of a Southern Boy in Yankee Land, Rusty's Balcony, Crash and Byrne, Uffish Thoughts, Blind Cavefish, Cheryl B, Kelli Dunham) and any other crazies who decide to come. You should be one of those crazies. (Tina has been a rockstar and seems to have started reading all the attendees' blogs in anticipation. I have not, which is going to make everyone love me, I'm sure.) If you want to come but, like me, you get all socially-anxietous at the prospect of finding a bunch of strangers in a bar, lemme know. That should not deter you. Everything else about the weirdness, sure, maybe, but not that.


riese said...
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Eric said...

I feel like I didn't get a chance to meet you yesterday! There were so many people there, though, I might have and just forgot it (don't hate me, my memory is like that of an 80 year old senior with dementia).
But I see you're about to be moving into my neck of the woods...come on up!!!

Tina-cious.com said...

LOL --