13 August 2007

Half-Assed Catblogging

I come to you from the Surplus Satellite Office in Stockbridge, Mass (also the James' Important Classical Music Business Satellite Office, and James and Kate's parents' house) for some Remote Catblogging, or Quick Catblogging Because We're About to Eat Dinner and Play Scrabble and Did I Mention It's This Amazing-Smelling Mushroom Risotto and How Jealous Are You? So, anyway, it's been one of those summer weekends that aren't meant for poor arts employees - trees and a pool and brunch and Tanglewood and this view out the living room here that's just ridiculous. And yes, ridiculously good. Sorry, this was supposed to be about cats or something, right?

[And this is where dinner was ready, we ate, played Scrabble, went to Williamstown, saw a musical, and came back.]

Aaaaanyway. Cats. We got cats in boxes:

We got cats in shoes:

And, uh, we got some baby meerkats, too. I think "Meerkat Manor" is a load of crap, but these suckers is cute:

Yeah. Something like that. We're getting up really early to drive back to the city tomorrow, so. Yeah.

1 comment:

Rocco said...

I take issue with your stance on Meerkat Manor. The storylines are as real as those on any other reality show, which is to say, totally fabricated by editors. Which I think is a commentary on reality tv as a whole. I love it. And those meerkats are just adorable.