26 August 2007

How I Roll

Today's laundry day, as I embark on a new era in my life, the era of doing my laundry myself at the laundromat rather than dropping it off with the nice ladies downstairs. Partially because I'm poor, partially because I have the time, and partially because instead of nice ladies downstairs there are nice ladies a block away, in the laundromat, and the laundromat's open till 11 every night, so it's sort of hard to find an excuse.

I'm finding that, living alone and being in a particularly quiet time for out-of-work-hours work, I'm developing an interesting rhythm up here. The last couple of weekends, Saturday morning I go to the library (yknow, the one across the street from me), and then to the greenmarket for a week's worth of veggies. [Yesterday I had errands in Union Square anyway, and braved that fray. So much huger, but I'm not sure I made out much better. Plus side, though - there are some insane bargains to be found at Whole Foods - $1.50 peanut butter (Skippy's, like, $3.75), $1.75 Mori-Nu tofu ($3.99 at Gristedes), $1.69 organic dark chocolate with coconut.] And for the last two weeks, Sundays have been spent entirely above 124th street. I'll be able to pull off above-145th once the NYSC opens up there.

I've also been living the last few weeks without TV, which, let me say, is a big difference. I missed my scheduled Time Warner installation a few weeks ago, and since then I've just been seeing if I can do without. It was only last night that John reminded me that even without cable, I can still get several channels. I'd completely forgotten that. We'll see if I can handle television that can't be paused or rewound. But aside from "My Boys" via the interweb and maybe two evenings at TV-owning apartments, I've been completely abstinent. I read blogs and magazines, I cook, I do all my dishes. For some reason my computer's top volume when playing from iTunes is almost inaudible, but I get great sound from other sources, so I've been listening to jazz on AccuRadio and mellow folk-pop on my "Reasons for Living" channel on Pandora. Did I mention I do all my dishes? No TV and the threat of roaches, and I'm a changed woman.

But not entirely changed, because I'm blogging here in procrastination of putting away my laundry, which is a bigger project that it should be because I've yet to actually organize my bedroom. It's unpacked, mostly, but into piles and a thin layer of stuff on the floor. When your to-do list for a day looks like, "laundry, gym, litterbox, food for next week," it's hard to procrastinate entirely out of doing things, but they can surely be put off, stretched to fill the whole day. This morning, for example, I updated my blogroll for the first time in what seems like seventeen years - I think two thirds of what's there now is new to the list. This was supposed to be a post taking you on a tour of the new names on the list, highlighting what I especially think you should be reading, but after the length of these paragraphs, I think I'll have to put that off for another post.

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