27 August 2007

This Is Your Culture Of Experts

"Crazy cat ladies are many things—single and living in unclean cat-hair apartments littered with kitty litter, etc—but they're not dumb. They're intimidatingly smart. That's why they're single. Well, that and the cats." -Emily from Gawker

In a very smart and thoughtful post about the problematics of dramaturgy today, Isaac linked to me, citing me as a good dramaturg. In the interest of welcoming the traffic that link is sure to bring, I figured this was an exceptionally appropriate time for Suplus Official Monday Catblogging.

Substantive blogging coming later today.

And by "substantive," I mean a tour of the updated blogroll.

Also, I would very much like a dog like this:

Minus the bag.

Happy Monday!

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