23 September 2007

But The Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake Was Just Okay

Tonight I saw The Misanthrope at New York Theatre Workshop. It is a weird, awesome production. The performances are amazing, especially Bill Camp, Jeanine Serralles, Quincy Bernstine, and Thomas Jay Ryan. But here's all I'm going to say to you:

1. Do not read any reviews of this production.
2. Do not look at any pictures of this production.
3. See this production.

Preserve as much of the unexpected as you can. This isn't Harry Potter spoilers, just the thrill of something truly surprising.

Every Sunday evening performance at NYTW is $20 - tickets can be bought in advance, but they must be bought in person at the theatre, cash only. Otherwise, you can get tickets for $45 (regularly $60) by using code TMBLG44 when buying tickets online, by phone (212.947.8844), or in person (79 East 4th St.).

Since I don't want to say anything else about The Misanthrope, I'll say a little about the dinner I had before the show. Atlas Cafe is just around the corner from NYTW, up Second Ave. James had the Smoked Salmon Salad. I had the Moroccan Vegan Chicken Salad. It was insanely delicious. We sat outside and ate delicious food while, a few tables away, a man with a ukulele serenaded a baby in a stroller. New York is awesome. So is the Moroccan Vegan Chicken Salad at Atlas Cafe.

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Ahh! You're reading the new Thursday Next! I want to so badly. Stupid school...

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