28 September 2007

I Can Has Weekend? No U Cannot Has Weekend

Yes, the imaginary lolcattish narrator of my blog subject lines says "cannot." I find that elegant.

But OMG splat! That's the noise of my face hitting my desk after I've just spent five and a half hours, on and off, putting together the one-page program for a reading. I'm on my second cup of tea, which is probably going to have me getting sick in the middle of the play I'm seeing tonight, but at least I will be awake. This thing is one side of a piece of paper. And it's still not perfect, but you know what? Everyone got their own pretty font, and that will have to suffice.

In the meantime, I know I have not been blogging at all lately. Lately being since the summer, when I produced two shows at once, and then moved, and then realized that my job takes up a LOT of time. Funny, that.

And I miss writing here, just as much as all four of you miss reading. (John has actually told me he misses LOLMondays. To which I say, one, no one else does, and two, OMG lolsecretz is the best thing ever.) I walk around with sentences running in my head all the time, which isn't actually a new thing for me, only now they're commentary rather than narrative. You've supplanted my imaginary novel. Imagine that.

Now, you may be saying, Jaime, didn't you stay up last night watching "Dirty Pretty Things" "Dirty Fucking Whores" "Rich + Bad = Sexy" "Dirty Sexy Money" on your computer and eating mini graham cracker chocolate sandwiches? Yes. (You might also be saying, Jaime, weren't you cutting out processed foods? I don't want to talk about that. I'm having dinner at Bonobo's.) But the thing is, blogging not only requires time, of which I have little, but it, unless you want a lot of posts like this, also requires presence of mind, of which I have, oh, just about NONE. (see: mini graham cracker dinner.) There are a lot of things I want to blog about: the now no longer recent additions to my blogroll, that meme that raced through the blogs a few days ago, the fact that everyone I have ever met in my life was in Across the Universe, the books I've read lately - White Noise and Thursday Next. But all of these things require more than carving five minutes out of the end of the day to spew overtired excuses (me and the excuses, both overtired) and not spellcheck. Not really gonna happen this weekend, as I'm bouncing around Harlem and the East Village and spending Sunday doing this reading. And then there's a week, and god, you know what weeks are like, but Columbus Day, I think that looks good.


Allison said...

1. I miss the Monday lols.

2. I missed the meme, as I do not read other blogs. "I missed the meme" feels like a four word description of my adulthood.

3. Am I included int he four readers? Because I don't blog or comment a lot but I am a devout reader.

Moxie said...

I went to Bonobo right after reading this, but they were closed. They're around the corner from my yoga studio. I was so sad. Those crazy vegan pates are unreal.