28 October 2007

Bullet Points, Or: Maybe The Worst Blog Post Ever

(Compiled as I cook up a week of vegetables, including the BIGGEST CAULIFLOWER I HAVE EVER SEEN. I really like cauliflower.)

(Compiled out of: guilt for not writing recently, even though I had the week off of work; and out of a surplus (ha!) of things to write about, but neither the presence of mind nor patience to do it right now.)

-I got a new kitten on Friday. Her name might be Stella. Or Harriet. Or Marushka von Sparklepony. Pictures coming Monday or Tuesday or December.

-I would love Marushka von Sparklepony much more if I could breathe through my fucking nose when I'm around her. It would also be nice if Meg hadn't retreated into a semi-comatose melancholy. And if Miss von Sparklepony weren't trying to pull the toaster off the counter. Back in a moment...

-I saw The New Pornographers on Thursday, and muchly enjoyed them. CrimeNotes saw them the night before - I got home after the concert to find such an eloquent and thoughtful post on the show from him that there's really no point for me to write anything. I share the Dan Bejar awe, and have had the same thoughts about the "we almost lost you" lyric. CrimeNotes: saying the smart things so I don't have to. Same thing happened when we were (separately) at The Decemberists in Central Park. Good thing I don't write about college football, cause then I'd have to retire altogether. As opposed to the copious writing I'm doing now.

-November, again, is, aside from NaNoWriMo and NaPlWriMo, NaBloPoMo. That's National Blog Posting Month, wherein you blog every day for 30 days. (Much like Floptober, except you actually do it.) I, again, will be partaking. Because I don't have the time/ability/patience/skill/talent/patience/skill to write a novel, and I tell at least one person a week that I don't write plays (and I hate being wrong) so blog posting it is! I enjoyed this very much last year, and hope it gets me back in the swing of things.

-Friday night I came home around 5am (I can't explain it, either) to find that my key no longer opened my building's front gate. After trying (in the RAIN) for a good five minutes, and knowing that my only other option was to call Kate and crash in Harlem, I called my Super. I profusely apologized, and he was all, "The lock's broken, but it's too early in the morning to do anything about it." and I was all, "Can you let me in?" and he was all, "Why are you calling me?" and I'm "What else am I supposed to do??" and he was all, "Call someone to buzz you in!" and I was all, "I live alone!" which is the best thing to say right before you start crying outside your apartment building at five in the morning in the rain. And then he buzzed me in.

-PS, my NaBloPoMo postings are probably, like, all gonna be a tour of my blogroll, which I've owed you all for a few months, and makes for endless matieral. Or it will.

-At the Union Square farmers market on Saturday, I finally stopped by the compost tent, and it's amazingly easy, and I'm starting my first collection bag with the remains of the massive mutant cauliflower. You collect kitchen scraps (fruits, veggies, peels, pits, rice, pasta, bread, cereal, coffee grounds, tea bags, hair, nails, eggshells, nutshells), keep them in the freezer or wherever, and then drop them off in Union Square Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. And IT DOESN'T GO TO THE LANDFILL. Granted, you could compost the stuff yourself and use the fantastic products for gardening or whatever, but this doesn't involve a worm box in your kitchen!

-The Doris to Darlene mailings went out this week, and if you're not on the Playwrights Horizons mailing list, let me tell you, it's lovely. Very glad they did that (hard-to-condense-to-ad-copy) play justice. I hope people are buying tickets.

My toes are cold, and I've managed to not mess up steaming cauliflower, so I'm back into the kitchen to cook. Which is a good thing to do when a kitten has robbed you of your sense of smell. Yum.


crimenotes said...

Yeah, the Pornographers put on a pretty special performance. Glad to hear that they were as good on Thursday night.

Johnny said...

1) There's composting in Union Square?? This is beyond exciting to me. I have, for eons, thought that they should have this, and it turns out I was right! Please tell me more tomorrow.

2) I am drunk at 1:21 am and the red sox are the world series champions and someday I will have a lovely polyamorous life with Dustin Pedroia and Jon Papelbon.

3) I am currently arranged to chaperone two separate groups to Doris to Darlene. (1=the MCC youth company, 2=formerly homeless women)

4) What was 4?

Anonymous said...

1. I'm loving the Marushka von Sparklepony name and if it is of any wheezy consolation, I couldn't breathe for three weeks and coughed & sneezed incessantly when Oona moved in but you do become used to their dander. Or you don't and just buy a lot of Kleenex.

2. I also bought a huge mutant cauliflower at the Union Square market on Saturday! It weighed about as much as a bowling ball and I schlepped it to yoga. I got one of those Romanesco cauliflowers which resemble Coneheads with a mossy complexion or alien life forms which grow in cottage cheese when you've forgotten to toss it from the fridge.
I think it will be roasted this week. I am tempted to name it.

Moxie said...

1) Take quercetin for the cat allergy, it's a natural supplement and won't ruin your tummy like other allergy meds.

2) I started reading surplus during last year's NaBloPoMo, and you've inspired me to do it this year. Yay!

3) Cauliflower makes me farty.

PerpetuallyNauseous said...

Don't you think Doris postcard looks a little like a gigantic used tampon?

either way...i'm so totally excited to see it!

the buzz is amazing