09 October 2007

Several Quick Reviews

The Wolves in the Walls I think I've been looking forward to this musical adaptation of Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean's picture book for about nine years. Seriously, maybe a solid two. You take two of my favorite things, Neil Gaiman and Improbable, and add Scottish actors, who are just so damn lovely to listen to, and what more could you want? Maybe for it not to be children's theatre, maybe to not be the only adults in the place who aren't there with kids, but whatever. I will look at what Julian Crouch designs wherever he wants to design it.

The Darjeeling Limited A lovely, sad, gentle, funny movie. Nothing terribly surprising or new from Wes Anderson, except a little more stillness and a little more seriousness. Jason Schwartzman wears a mustache remarkably well. (Feministing highlighted a highlighting of Wes Anderson's problematic track record with women of color, which is, yes, something that should be noted. Although less problematic, his use of women in general is similarly... use.)

On Beauty This is the sort of book I just want to live in, want to swim in, thick, rich writing that smothers out noise and the subway and everything else. Some of the best writing I've read in a long time. That Zadie Smith, watch out for her, I bet she's gonna be big.

Fast Food Nation and The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved The food hippiedom continues. Fast Food Nation made me glad to be a vegetarian, made me miss the writing of Tom Standage and Steven Johnson, and made me want to know more about the horrible ways food can be made, and the alternatives, so I read The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved. Both are interesting, thought-provoking books. I don't care if you eat meat, if you eat Big Macs - I mean, I do care, but what I care about more is that you be informed. Know what you're eating. Then do whatever you want.

The Office I fucking love this show. Y'all need to get over your attachment to the British original, or the weirdness of having hooked up with John Krasinski in college or whatever, and just start watching it. Unless you have another show that's the funniest and sweetest and sharpest show on television all at once, in which case, carry on.

Juno When I saw the preview for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I almost had a seizure - if you had asked me, "Jaime, what's missing from Elizabeth?" I'd have said, "Well that's hard to answer - it's one of the best movies ever, and one of my favorites. I mean, I guess you could make it twice as long, and, um, Clive Owen? And pirates?" AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID. So imagine how excited I was when, completely ignorant of the coming sequal, I saw the preview. I almost died. Then take that excitement down one tiny notch, and that's how excited the preview for Juno got me. Take an above-average indie film preview, and watch me get progressively more excited as it includes: Rainn Wilson, Allison Janney, Michael Cerra, Jason Bateman, and then Jennifer Garner. All it's missing is Clive Owen and pirates. The movie also looks very good.

Tealuxe I was in Providence for the day on Friday to impart my wisdom to a bunch of senior theatre majors. But really it was an excuse to go to Tealuxe. I had an iced Lady Hannah tea. This is something I'd like to be able to do more than once or twice a year. New York lacks two things: Oi Bagel and Tealuxe. If someone doesn't fix this soon, I may have to leave my illustrious career in script reading to open up a tea shop.

dwell sample sale Although I ended up going with an Urban Outfitters quilt that makes it look like a Rilo Kiley album threw up all over my bed, the dwell sample sale is a fantastic thing, and is going on through Wednesday, so if you're looking for some bedding (grown-up, baby, or child), and want nice things for reasonable money, head yourself down to 76 Greene Street.


Adam said...

I came back to school my sophomore year only to find Tealuxe was gone, and in its place was the shell of what I think turned into a Boba place six months later.

I then knew that something was very very wrong in the City.

A couple of weeks later it turned out that I was right.

I was all, "Well Hell. The least they could do is give my tea shop back. If ever there were a time when I needed to have a cup of tea."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud today for the first time at my hideous job with that Rilo Kiley description.

Jaime said...

Adam & Anon - thank you both.

Moxie said...

Hey - just noticed you're reading The Golden Compass. Me too! Rereading, anyway. Had to reinforce everything before the movie comes out. Like 10 of my friends are reading it right now, too. Feels like something good is happening in the world, seeing so many people reading it.

Jaime said...

Moxie - I actually finished it on Tuesday. Just haven't updated the thing. I'd read it before, but really disliked it, and gave up 20 pages into the second book. But then enough smart, trustworthy people with good taste raved about it, and, yes, the movie, so I decided to try again. I didn't dislike it nearly as much this go-round - I don't love his writing (he missed the show-don't-tell memo, big-time), but the mysteries of the story are enough of a carrot-on-a-stick that I'll keep reading just to find out what the heck is going on.

That makes it sound like I think the books are bad. I don't. I just don't love them. They're not absorbing or consuming like I like my books to be.

riese said...

I was about to say that there's a Tealuxe uptown near Columbia, but the first comment would imply I'm totes behind on this particular memo.

Also love The Office and liked Fast Food Nation, the book.