03 October 2007

Tag! You're It! (A Week Passes) What, Me? Oh, Okay.

Until I got in its way, this was the fastest meme ever. In the course of a day I saw this go through at least three generations, if that's a word one can use for memes. I think it is. Of course, I get tagged and it grinds to a halt, because, sorry, I can't get to it right away, I've got a giant bag of kale in my fridge that must be done something with. (It's mixed up with a butternut squash now, but I've got extra, so, seriously, if you want it...)

And what topic got the theatre blogs churning out answers so fast? Lameness. I mean, duh. Thanks to Malachy for tagging me. No thanks to everyone before him who didn't.

TO DO: List 5 things that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may consider to be "totally lame," but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally proud of. Own it. Tag 5 others.

[Interesting sidebar - as I was trying to come up with answers, I'd think of something that isn't lame at all, and then wonder why I thought of it if it's so unlame, and then I'd realize that James had called it lame at some point (or several) in the past. What was that about the certain people calling these things lame not being deserving of my friendship? I guess I missed that memo.]

But on to my lameness! This is almost too easy.

1. I'm very particular about grammar.

2. Various hippie food habits: I've been a vegetarian for ten years; my weekly trip to the Inwood farmers' market and how happy it makes me; the fact that I have an overabundance of kale; I am currently reading this; I just finished reading this.

3. I cried for the last 30 minutes of Amelie. Like, cried. (I'm not kidding - from the time they're chasing each other around Sacre Coeur, through to the end.)

4. I like sleeping. I like going to bed early. I like sleeping late. I like falling asleep on the couch while I'm watching TV.

5. I really enjoy airplanes. I'm often as excited for the flight as for wherever I'm going. Trains are cool, too.

I tag: Moxie, Riese, Anna, Isaac, and Flop. (Living on the edge here, with people who maybe don't read my blog. Hi guys!)


CrimeNotes said...

I'm happy to see you back and writing, and hope that you're recovering from the devastating loss of no longer having roommates. That said -- Cole Slaw Blog won't do blog memes. In lieu of a formal response from Flop, I'll just briefly note that "Mmm-Bop" is a kick-ass pop song. It's not greatness, but it makes me jump around. It's otic Pixie Stix, and I love it.

parabasis said...

Wait... do I have to come up with 5 new totally lame things?

And more importantly... why aren't fanatically reading my blog and memorizing its content?

riese said...

I sort of had a feeling when I began reading the intro to this post that I would be targeted. I wonder who I can tag who won't get annoyed at me because I've already tagged them. Hm.

You know what's funny, your five things are all things that I wish were true about me. I wish my grammar was better and I was less particular about the few things I do hark on. I wish that sentence, for example, was grammatically correct. I wish I had better food habits and visited the farmer's market with regularity instead of lazily literally microwaving frozen fruit to get my daily 5. I wish I had the patience and focus to watch foreign films, because dubbing annoys me, and subtitling involves the aforementioned "attention," and I actually own Amelie and haven't watched it yet which is criminal, I wish i went to bed early and felt okay about sleeping late, and I wish I liked airplanes instead of felt like I was going to die/barf the whole trip.

Essentially, then, what I'm trying to say is, you are my hero.

Jaime said...

CrimeNotes - I would point out that I didn't tag you but rather your co-blogger, and I would give you shit about being too cool for memes, but then you went and used "otic" and melted my tough facade right away.

Isaac - I was actually tagging another Isaac, since you already did the meme. And of course I read your blog obsessively. Nothing's worth doing if not done with obsessive fervor.

Riese - I love frozen fruit, and totally rely on it. One of the saddest things about my supermarket is the lack of frozen cherries. Besides, I think you go to the gym about twice as much as I do, and that's gotta count for something. Can we trade? You'll eat vegetables and sleep a lot, and I'll go to the gym and be able to pull off short hair?

CrimeNotes said...

I responded on Flop's behalf. Flop barely reads his own e-mail. Unless it involves a jug band, you can't rely on him. Plus, he's incapable of embarrassment, although he may have typed something involving fresh produce.

Adam said...

You know how people watch movies dozens of times and still expect the ending to be different? Like maybe Old Yeller will suddenly be cured, or the boat won't sink, or Jaws might have just had a nice club sandwich and is suddenly uninterested in surfers?

I am utterly convinced that Amelie is a different movie every time I watch it.

The first time I saw this tremendous story about purity and love and I absolutely beamed through that last 30 minutes. I've been happier, but I don't know that I've ever been more joyous. The second time some evil movie-gnome swapped in an ironic/grotesque (what those words really mean that is, not how they're usually used) parable about loneliness, and I was a wreck, and the only thing standing between me and a weepy mess were the particulars of the outing (public movie theatre, unattainable object of my obse...err..affection present, etc). Subsequent viewings have varied wildly in between.

I'm not sure what my point was, apart from planting my flag for team 'it's not lame to cry at Amelie, especially if the movie-gnome feels like being a bastard'.

Jaime said...

Adam - My crying through Amelie was actually a combination of your two responses - I saw this beautiful joyous thing, and it was so beautiful, and so exactly what I wanted, and what I didn't have. And so I bawled.

anna said...

adam, what a terrific comment. the movie-gnome is a fickle prick.

jaime, you know i read your blog, right? you're on my rss feed, baby! that said, not sure about memes (and i'm not using the word otic (?)). if i think of some particular things that make me lame (and, oh, there are many), maybe i'll post em.

Eloise said...

I can actually pinpoint the moment I always begin bawling whenever I've seen Amelie - the moment that she's baking the plum dessert and imagining her beloved fetching her a packet of yeast from the store downstairs. She visualizes him coming through the kitchen, you hear the ripple of beads, she turns round and it's just her cat.

Nineteen kleenex later ....

Moxie said...

I've never been meme tagged before! I feel like I've been invited to the cool kids lunch table.