01 November 2007

Aut Blog Aut Mori

Happy first day of NaBloPoMo. This year I have a friend doing NaNoWriMo (where rather than 30 100-word posts in a month, you write a novel), but I refuse to be intimidated. At least no more than I usually am by people who write things that aren't brain-vomit.

Other NaBloPoMo participants include the lovely Moxie, and Laid-Off Dad, whose participation last year is what got me into the whole thing, and who also, for some reason, calls this "blopping," as in a blopathon.

Fun thing: the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. Odds are it'll be a blog about knitting, but there are some cool things to be found.

Am I using a post introducting NaBloPoMo as my NaBloPoMo post of the day? Maybe. Probably. Maybe.

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