06 November 2007

Bad Jazz; Free Rice; Shame

Bad Jazz started performances a couple of days ago, and I have been entirely remiss in telling you about it. That makes it sound like I'm involved in the production, but no, it's just a crazy, fucked-up, very good play getting what I've heard is a fantastic production. I'm going on Saturday, but don't wait to hear from me. This play makes my head explode with a frequency matched maybe only by The Evildoers (Yale Rep this spring, don't miss it!). Yes, it's "a comically scathing look at theatre artists pursuing a shared dream," and yes, "When the lines between reality and performance begin to blur, relationships are tested and this group of desperate souls must ask themselves how far they’re prepared to go for art’s sake." But really, when "an actress takes a role that puts her sanity at risk, an actor struggles to remain true to his artistic ideals, and a director drives his company past the point of reason," you'll be as unmoored and disoriented as they are, and that's pretty cool.

The play's also funny.

* * *

FreeRice: for every vocab word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end hunger. In other news for those who loved the SATs:

Overheard at a restaurant, presumably between two people who are very much in love

“I can’t believe you just did that. That’s just so retarded.”

“I really hate it when you use that word like that.”

“What? Retarded? That’s how you’re acting. Retarded.”

“Do you even know how high my IQ is?”

“It can’t be that high because you’re acting retarded.”

“130. My IQ is 130.”

“So what? Mine is 1050.”

“IQ, you idiot, not your SAT score.”


[Overheard at dooce]

This depressed Kate, but it sounds like love to me. Are you worried? Should I be?

* * *

Yesterday, on a panel in a theatre class at Brown (apparently I'm an expert or something), my introduction included, "and she was on College Jeopardy!", which is really awesome, because it means I get to add, "and I lost," which is the best part. Even better, my friend, another panelist (and expert, natch), chimed in with, "and she was in ARRR!!!" And then a third person said, "and she had braces for two years and really basically no friends in junior high."


anna said...

aww, love for jaime. college jeopardy participation is way cool, regardless.

and i thought arrr!!! was all hip now. or as hip as these things can get.

Anonymous said...

haha ok the retarded thing may have depressed me, but this cheered me up. a lot.

Briel said...

ok, and for the record, the THIRD person that Jaime mentioned was...Jaime.

and I totes regretted bringing up ARRR!!!

Kind of.

Adam said...

is 130 good? I think mine was 129.