05 November 2007

Connecticut Is Just A Thing That Stops You From Getting Where You're Going As Quickly As You'd Like

Yes, I know, so far this has been a NaBloPoMo of place-holders, posts thrown together just so I can put something up and not lose the push four days into the month. But you know what? It's about a daily writing habit. Eventually I'll get back in the swing of, rather than living my life, seeing it as a continually renewing mine for material for my little web log. And then everyone will be happy: I'll be writing, you'll be reading, I'll have a boyfriend, politics won't be depressing, and the Inwood farmers market will run year-round.

In the meantime I'll just say that I spent seven hours in the car today, three hours in a college classroom, and drank a *lot* of tea. There have been worse blog posts written than this. Maybe not by me, but surely by someone.

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