17 November 2007

Cute Overlord

I don't understand how people can think cats are aloof and worthless. This morning, as I was sitting on my couch watching "America's Next Top Model" on YouTube, Meg was sleeping against my feet, and Stella walked over and laid herself down across my lap. She purred for a while and then fell asleep on her back, holding my hand in her paws and in the middle of gnawing on my hand, and she slept like that for a while while I watched Tyra. I mean, really, what more could you want? She does this on her own, just walks over like, Hey, lemme be adorable for a bit? Kthx. Prrrr. 'night. And she's half way to learning to fetch.

Also, I saw Rag and Bone last night at Rattlestick, and it was pretty great. More on that soon.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I have to pretend cats are worthless sometimes in order to keep them from ruling my life entirely. But my cat knows I adore her--she really is the sweetest darn thing in the world.

However, she can get me to do pretty much anything she wants, including let her take over my pillow, my favorite chair, my newspaper or my computer keyboard when I'd prefer to be using them myself.

She is indeed my cute Overlord.