02 November 2007

Don't Be A Lazy Bitch Month

Day two of NaBloPoMo, and I'm already flagging? I don't know what it is - work, the fact that work now knows about my blog, or what - but I'm severely lacking for inspiration. (I do suspect it can be traced back to work knowing about the blog. They don't disapprove, but it just makes me feel self-conscious sometimes.) I'm looking back at last November, seeing what the hell I had to write about then. Damn, that was a good month. My first Decemberists concert, the premiere of Gabe Kahane's Craigslistlieder, a trip to the Museum of Natural History, plus a ton of great theatre: The Fortune Teller, The Coast of Utopia, The Little Dog Laughed, The Mistakes Madeline Made, Gutenberg!. Also, Kate and I were on Overheard in New York. Obviously only downhill from there.

I'm hoping this month can be similarly blogworthy. There is indeed the potential for much great theatre. (Which is a good thing, because looking back, this year has not been amazingly amazing.) Planned so far for this month: The View from 151st Street (my first LABrynth show), Oh the Humanity (Will Eno shorts at the Flea), Rock and Roll, August: Osage County, The Overwhelming. (Also planned, though not yet booked: Doris to Darlene.) Not the lightest bunch of plays, and not a single musical to be found, but this could be very, very good.

Hopefully there will be other things to write about, too. I'm almost 200 pages into a 1000-page book, and I might decide to write something about the His Dark Materials trilogy. I might do something like go to a museum or be somewhere other than Inwood, Times Square, or the East Village. There are always LOLcats and a tour of my blogroll, and I'm painting my bedroom (or Kate is) on Sunday, so that should be worth something. I can't promise quality, I can't promise anything you'll want to read, but how is that different from any other month?

Oh, and the kitten's been named. Stella Marushka.

Let the countdown to liveblogging the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Dog Show begin.


anna said...

you were on overheard in new york??

tell me tell me!

Jaime said...

But of course!


Eloise said...

stella marushka! stella for star! marushka for insane russian bitch!

fabulous name. I'm assuming the entire moniker is to be used for sudden, agonized cries across the room when she jumps on the kitchen counter and begins gnawing on cereal boxes or oversized cauliflower and/or begins breaking crockery.

congrats on the new child.

am seeing 1001 today. will give you a report.

Moxie said...

Love the name. Perfection.

Will you please, pretty please write something about His Dark Materials? I've basically been harassing everyone in my life to read it immediately, ever since I read it a couple years ago. I'd love to hear your thoughts.