08 November 2007

I Think It's Time For The Raffle

Kate and I saw Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions at the Flea tonight, an evening of five short plays by Will Eno. You may or may not know or remember that I insanely, infinitely loved Will Eno's Thom Pain whenever it was that that happened. I may or may not have seen it three times. I may or may not have gotten my new glasses at a glasses store recommended to me by James Urbaniak. I also have read, and love, his play Tragedy: a tragedy which, by the way, is happening at Berkeley this spring, and if you live over there, you should see it, and maybe fly me out to see it, too.

Oh, the Humanity is a smaller work, less soaring and less heartbreaking, but it's five short plays, so, really, duh. But a couple of the pieces are as powerful and beautifully written as the best moments from the longer pieces, and it's really worth 65 minutes of your time. I was talking to a coworker today about Will Eno's writing. He doesn't write plays, exactly. The language is more novelistic/essayish than theatrical - what I love best is his poetry, the way he puts unexpected words and images together to quietly devastate me. But it is writing meant to be performed, aloud, live. It is theatre, just not a play, or maybe the other way around. There are people who laughed through Thom Pain, and people who sad there having their hearts slowly and thoroughly torn apart (and wondering how the hell anyone could be laughing when all the lies and impossibilities of happiness were being laid out in such tender, havoc-wreaking words). Oh, the Humanity unites those audiences, I think, or at least narrows the gap.

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katieo said...

Hey Jaime! Sorry to not make any relevant commentary on Will Eno, just stopping by to let you know I tried answering your plank question in my post today...but didn't do a very good job, :) Sorry!