27 November 2007


Suddenly my week looks like this:

Tuesday: The Overwhelming
Wednesday: Cymbeline
Thursday (if the strike ever ends): August: Osage County
Friday: Doris to Darlene

That's two-and-a-half hours, three hours, three hours twenty, and then something remotely sane like two hours. I'm never one to say that plays must fit tidily into two hours blocks - I think that that's the death of a lot of good theatre, and a general sign of cowardice - but theatregoers should be smarter about meting out their attention than I've apparently been. All I need is a Wednesday matinee of Rock 'n' Roll and I'll be all set. Set to DIE.

Yup, set to die.


Aaron Riccio said...

I dunno. That sort of sounds like fun to me.

Isaac said...

I really liked THE OVERWHELMING! And not just because Michael Stahl-David looks great sans shirt.

Jaime said...

Aaron - Totally. I mean, I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

Isaac - [I totally thought the other Isaac left this comment when I got the email notification about the comment and I was all, Dude, way to be confident in your sexuality. (My first thought was actually, Dude, way to gay it up.) But things make more sense now.] So yes, Isaac, he does, but he does not look seventeen, with or without his supernatural six-pack showing.

Eloise said...

You've got Jonathan Cake in a towel and shirtless through most of Cymbeline. So there's a theme emerging for the week.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaime--my name's Emily. You don't know me, but I went to grad school with, and am a good friend of, the Disruptive Juxtapositioner over there in Vegas, so I stumbled onto your blog via his a long while ago. First of all: thanks so much for all of the great reading this year! I don't usually like to blog stalk and not leave comments, so apologies for that, but I've been reading for awhile, and you've got a wonderful space here. Second of all, even though it's completely off topic to today's post, I had to tell you that I caught No Child last night at the American Repetory Theatre here in Boston and: WOAH. You were so, so right about that show. Knocked my ever loving socks off. Kind of funny, but you were totally the reason I ended up going. I am so, so glad I got to see it. Thanks for lodging that one in my memory, and keep passing along good finds. Cheers, and all the best!

Jaime said...

Eloise - Thanks for the tip. Sadly, I just realized I left my opera glasses at home.

Emily - Thank you! Belated welcome, and I'm so glad you saw No Child! And please send my best to the Disruptive Juxtapositioner. I hope he's well, and I miss his blogging.