15 November 2007

The Other Strike (The One I Like Better)

Great interview on Gothamist today with John Oliver, Daily Show writer and Timothy Bewes* doppelganger, about the WGA strike. As if the Bewesian Britishness weren't enough, Oliver gets major points in my book for what's concerning him most about the strike:

They’re playing games with people’s lives at the moment, and I’m not even talking about the writers. On The Daily Show we have a staff who are very concerned at the moment about losing their jobs – researchers, P.A.s, etc. – and I find talk like that quite difficult to stomach... [F]riends of mine who live paycheck to paycheck are being seriously affected by this strike. And they don’t even stand to benefit from any of the negotiations!


There has been criticism in the press of Ellen DeGeneres because she’s still working, but I would not join in with that because she’s protecting her staff who depend on her.


The thing that keeps me awake at night are my co-workers’ livelihoods, the co-workers back in the office. That’s why I’m having a hard time sleeping at night. And three hours sleep a night doesn’t help with the walking in circles.
That's a good man.

*Ohmigod, listen to this class Bewes teaches now: "'Terrible Beauty': Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary." The terrorist imaginary. That is so hot.


Moxie said...

Re: the Bewes class - are you into the idea of the SUBLIME? I did some reading on it after seeing the Damien Hirst shark a couple weeks ago, and it's so fucking interesting, and has a lot to do with the idea of "terrible beauty".

Adam said...

I'd be extremely curious as to what that reading list looks like. The course description gives an idea, but wow...a 20 person class with teeth...I think there's drool on my keyboard.

Also, a small quibble:

'...the Terrorist Imaginary' is fascinating; thinking '...the Terrorist Imaginary' is hot is so hot.