09 November 2007

Pig In Hat With Cigar

Striking writers at the Time Warner Center eschew the traditional rat for a pig, obviously wealthy, judging by top hat and cigar
(photo by M. Alice)

I suppose now that a WGA strike baseball cap has been bartered across a writers' group table in my office, it's as good a time as any to report in. Playwrights are often TVwrights and moviewrights, obvs, so this strike hits close to home.

I don't have much to say, other than that I support fair pay for writing, which is what the writers are fighting for, but here are a couple of places to read people with more and smarter things to say:

I'd been following the strike's approach, and now am following its existence, via misanthropy central, blog of a playwright with a movie in the works. (Like, a real movie in the works, with contracts and money and everything.) As much as I'm terrified of losing half a season of "The Office," he's one of the guys I'm most concerned for. I just want him to get his fucking movie made. That'll be so awesome. (I'm also concerned for my playwright friend who'd been about to get a great job offer for a great TV show, but now probably won't. That would've been really awesome, too.)

Flop at Cole Slaw Blog seems to be breaking his in-solidarity strike to link to the unofficial blog of the strike, United Hollywood. Flop's got a nice aggregation of some especially amusing strike tidbits, but this is my favorite:

Every day after picketing, I come home and work on my long, elegant essay articulating why we're on strike. It's meant for the general public and attempts to summarize the issues. But today, I overheard something that took care of my essay in one fell swoop.
Guy (into cell phone): The writers are on strike out here.


Guy (into cell phone): Because the corporations are dicks.
I don't need to finish my essay. Instead, I can rest up for picketing tomorrow.
-Irving Belateche

Now if someone will just bring me a hat...

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Eloise said...

i got dirty looks again when I wore the hat today! Can you believe? Weird, no? Perhaps it's just distressed, volatile fans of "24" who've heard their upcoming season is kaput.