09 November 2007


PSA: Soy Boy tempeh is vastly inferior to White Wave Lightlife.
The last couple of months I've gotten to really love tempeh, a fermented soy food that knocks tofu out of the water in taste (it has one) and texture (not jello). Last weekend Whole Foods was out of the White Wave Lightlife stuff I'd been buying, so I tried the $0.20-cheaper Soy Boy brand. All week I've been wondering how my cooking was off, why my tempeh was so dry. Then I remembered. Not my fault! This stuff is dry and much less tasty. White Wave Lightlife tempeh, on the other hand, continues to be my new favorite protein.

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swapna said...

I recently came across some reviews on Tempeh by Lightlife at SustainLane http://www.sustainlane.com/listing/CSBH13F9UI2O3A2IPWNPMIMKVNY2