26 November 2007

Sad News

Do you sometimes feel like when it's grey and rainy, it's because the sky is crying? Today, it is. Twiggy is leaving Top Model.

As much as I loved Janice Dickinson's crazy, Twiggy has been a brilliant addition to the Top Model judging panel. As Tyra descends into megalomaniacal twittiness, Twiggy and Nigel (mmm) are this bastion of sanity. Twiggy's got a maternal thing I really like, and she says smart things. Bonus: lovely accent. She will be missed.

[via fourfour]

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Susan said...

Eh. Twiggy seems nice and all, but she doesn't add anything to the panel. She's got a couple of stock phrases, i.e., "The camera loves her, doesn't it?" and other than that, I forget she's there. I miss Janice - even when she was hateful, she was entertaining.