23 November 2007


A day late, as is my fashion (and a dollar short, which is a gross understatement), a bit of gratitude. Thanksgiving is my hands-down favorite holiday, like Passover but without the awkward religiosity and small cousins hijacking the smooth flow of the ritual meal, and yesterday was lovely. (See? Thanksgiving is part of what I'm grateful for, so I meant to blog about it the day after.) With my recent upsurge of interest in food and cooking (read: added lots of food & cooking blogs to my reading list), I volunteered to help my mom with the food. I made Heidi Swanson's Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts, sans cheese and a little more amber than golden but still little baby cabbages of delish; roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, turnips and parsnips in an abundance of fresh rosemary that's one of the major perks of cooking at my mom's house versus my own (not that she grows the herbs, just that she can afford to buy them); and, as mentioned yesterday, an apple pie that never ceased to be an adventure. My mom made other sorts of deliciousness, someone brought a pecan pie, my grandfather made rum cake that's probably illegal in seventeen states, and it was rather wonderful. Choice topic of conversation: Why are Israelis so arrogant? (With two Israelis, one former one current, present. They agreed to say that Israelis are rude, but not necessarily arrogant.) Follow-up: Are The Jews in part responsible for their/our longstanding persecution? No consensus could be reached on that. Continuing a favorite family holiday tradition, my grandfather yet again asked me if I ever miss acting, or think about going back to The Stage. I also heard my... great uncle, I guess, say not only more words than I've ever heard him say at once, not only more words than I've ever heard him say in my life, but, like, ten, or twenty, or maybe a hundred times the words I've ever heard him say, ever, and I am thankful for that.

There are lots of things I'm thankful for, but I'll limit my sappiness and keep this blog-oriented. I'm very grateful for the blog, which is a weird thing to say, since it's a sort of abstract concept that I make myself, but I am. Blogging has not only kept me writing, and has kept me passionate and involved with theatre in a way that I might have lost, but has helped me meet and learn about fantastic people. I've found friends, collaborators, weird-ass performance art, and at least one gig. Aside from thanking blogger and bloglines for being free, though, I'm really grateful to everyone who reads this. It all sort of happened by accident, which is like magic, and I'm so grateful to every person who reads what I write, and comes back for more. I'm grateful to the friends who read it (and put up with me repeating myself when we talk), and I'm grateful to the strangers who read it, who mystify me even more. Thank you, whoever you are.

I'm also grateful for all the wonderful blogs I read. The information and enjoyment I get from the hundred-odd blogs I subscribe to is really amazing. From recipes for brussels sprouts to theatre gossip, college football to the WGA strike, it legitimately expands my world. How many times the past two days have I found myself saying to my mom, "I read that..."? I must have sounded like a tool. Or a freak bookworm. But no, it's not books, it's just a hundred people sitting at computers, mostly in their free time, sharing something with whomever. And whomever is me. So, thank you, all of you whose names I realized were too numerous to list after I started trying, but who are all listed over in yonder blogroll, which I'll give a real tour of someday.


Johnny said...

I am thankful for you, and the entirely bizarre twists and turns that have put us in the same office TWICE in our short professional careers. And I am thankful for the looming opportunity to actually collaborate with you on something creative (besides the creative approach we take to plotting ways to get boys).

Mostly, though, I'm thankful that you're not attracted to men, else things between us might get awkward.

I know you won't actually allow this to go up, but I couldn't bear to say it any other way.

Jaime said...

Dude, it doesn't send comments to me for approval.

(PS, not gay.)

Johnny said...

I hate how there's nothing for me to do at home but get drunk alone, thus leading to my confusing blogger and facebook.

You're not gay, it's true, but I meant the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

John. I adore you for filling in for me on this, the day after my birthday.

Johnny said...

Does your birthday keep switching days? I'm so confused!

Jaime said...

Anonymous' birthday was the 22nd.