22 November 2007

Thanksgiving Notes

I'm not liveblogging the parade this year (the dog show may be another thing altogether), but I just have to say, having caught most of "Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious," that... blech. Even lip synching in Herald Square, Gavin Lee is charming, and maybe a Brian O'Byrne look-alike, but... blech. I've heard that the Matthew Bourne choreography is great, but the cheerleading hybrid moves were just bizarre for this song, and, fine, it's not the movie, but the word is not pronounced SupercalEEfrag... That is a short I.

Also, supermarket pie crust has lard. As in pig fat. As in yesterday I had to drive to the health food store to buy a whole wheat vegan crust, and let me tell you, it's just not the same. Pig fat-free? Yes. At all possible to work with? No. Still less scary than making my own crust? Maybe I've just been brainwashed by Alton Brown and the New York Times into thinking that homemeade pie crust is a work of staggering expertise.

More later, maybe. Probably. As I'm trapped in a house on a mountain in the middle of the woods with just my family. Lovely place to be. But I have so much snark that must be shared.

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Eloise said...

This is vaguely Thanksgiving related, but I just found Pumpkin Spice Silk soy milk at Whole Foods. My god, my life revolved around Nog Silk from November to early January - but Pumpkin Spice? I'm so excited. My fridge will be overflowing with nothing but soy milk and oversized Romensco cauliflower now.

For some reason you were the only person I thought who could also appreciate this soy update.