26 November 2007

Trimphant Return

Mondays are never wonderful (unless you have an exciting, creative job that you're passionate about.... wait, wha?), but the Monday after Thanksgiving is one of the hardest. Sometimes you've spent four days inundated with family, or you spent ten hours slaving in the kitchen, or ten minutes eating and many hours recovering, but even if your Thanksgiving was leisurely and restorative, reasonably portioned with just enough pie, coming back from the four days off can be rough - it's more than a long weekend, but not a full week, so you get to relax a little more thoroughly, but then BAM! you're back at work.

There was also a scientific survey a while ago that I'm too lazy to unearth, but looking at cute things eases stress and makes you feel better. Because we needed scientists to tell us that. Get back to figuring out if global warming is a hoax or not, guys!

So for this extra Mondayey Monday, I bring a very special back-from-the-grave but just-this-once Surplus Official Monday Catblogging.

First, from Cute Overload:

What do you think, Meg?

Can we get this kid on Disapproving Rabbits, please? Moving on. If Meg and Crazy Stella Who Doesn't Sit Still To Be Photographed, weren't enough, Cute Overload would be seriously inclining me (fuck proper word usage) to get a hedgehog. Because look:

Right? Sigh.

This next video isn't cute, exactly, but what Rare Special Edition of Surplus Official Monday Catblogging would be complete without Internet Celebrity Winston and The Other Cat That Guy Has? Anything that warrants so many title-case phrases must be included. With-sound watching strongly recommended.

Next I was perusing the I Can Has Cheezburger archives-- what? Why did I need to do that? Because I not-so-long-ago removed ICHC from my Bloglines subscription. (Yes, it was on my Bloglines subscription.) I've gotta say, the lolcats just hadn't been bringing the lol. I don't think the joke got old - at least not for me - but they just weren't good any more. Jumped the shark, or whatever. But this was still pretty sweet:

I think the lean-in-with-tongue-out is like, the hottest thing ever. Can't you just hear him all, "Smmmwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh." No? Well look at this tiny baby squirrel thing:

And because all that green is really zen-making:

Please do not squish the tiniest frog ever. It is not easy being green.

Have a good Monday.


Briel said...

We almost got a hedgehog for our house senior year of college. it was going to be named Awesome. Awesome the Hedgehog. It would have been...awesome.

Kathryn said...

that guy is so hot.