15 November 2007

Wise Words From The Other JRB

When Briel emailed this to me - subject, "JRB on Isherwood" - I thought Jason Robert Brown had written this. It's actually Jon Robin Baitz, playwright and creator of Brothers & Sisters, and, gratuitous Thom Pain dig aside, it's a great response to Charles Isherwood's piece from this past weekend, calling for the strike-induced return of erstwhile playwrights from Hollywood to the noble stage. Baitz not only addresses the problems with the tone and content of the piece, but also articulates the larger problems (omg, have you heard?) with Isherwood's (and Brantley's) criticism in general. We've heard some of it before, but he says it very well.

Go East, Young Writers, For Theatre!
[Isherwood's Times piece]
All the Views Fit to Print? [Baitz in (on?) the Huffington Post]

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Moxie said...

"The Times critics present themselves as advocates for consumers, and not as advocates for the theater itself."

Sorta sums it up, doesn't it? Isherwood, especially, always seems to critique from an outsider's point of view - an outsider who doesn't want his feathers ruffled too much, which is pretty different than someone who believes in the form and is interested in moving forward, innovation, taking risks, etc.

Baitz's writing on the HuffPo is great stuff.